Campaigning for quality public services

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Women are major users of public transport to access employment, childcare and health services.

Question 1

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What do quality public services mean to your members and to your local community?

Question 2

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What alliances are needed to make progress in this issue?

Question 3

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How has your union achieved success when fighting to protect or improve public services?

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Public Services

In many circumstances the family only have one car and Public transport is a life saving link for them. Also cost wise, allowing people the freedom to move around to work and shop with the least amount of discomfort.
Without these services many women, youth and elderly could not get around. We need Governments to subsidise these services so our economy can nurture, grow and progress our communities. It is important though that these services are functioning in the right areas and looking after the areas that need it the most.



Thanks Mary. Some ITF unions are working to promote quality public transport for all as the best way to protect and create jobs for economic recovery, address poverty and inequality. We believe that building unity within the union movement and with wider social movements and local communities is vital to promote investment, improve and extend access to a quality public transport system. Here's some interesting information on the need for more research into gender and transport policies >>

Unions fight to protect Public Services

Our Union The Maritime Union of Australia in WA has a policy that where possible we will use public transport to travel our members to rallies, protests, pickets, meetings. It is also a show of strength and unity that we support our transport brothers in any way we can.
Also allows for a great social outing. Good conversation and meeting people you may never come into contact with otherwise.